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Tavertet, this nice and homely place is worth to see and admire because of the beauty of the town and its beautiful landscape. Here is considered the cleanest air of Catalunya, but the most spectacular are the cliffs that surround the valley del Ter.
From the village Tavertet you can do a lot of promenades and itineraries between the mountain Collsacabra, valley de Sau and les Guilleries.

The whole village is proclaimed to be culturally interesting. In the centre of the village there are forty houses in style of XVII-XVIII centuries. 

There are roman monuments: Saint Cristófol Church (XII-XVII) which is situated in the village; the hermitage Saint Corneli which is located on the top of the small hill in the outskirts, probably, one of the prehistoric settlement; Saint Bartomeu Sesgorgues Church (XII-XVII-XVII) in the upstream of the river of les Gorgues, and Santa Cilia (XI) which is almost in ruins. The house de la Torre where you can find shelter. It has one watch tower of the XIII-XIV centuries. Saint Miquel de Sorerols Church (XI), the good pattern of churches.






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